Transcludable pages -- pages that are designed to be transcluded into other pages.

Transcludable pages in the main namespace are designed to work both on their own and also transcluded into other pages. The portion that is transcluded is an abstract, and includes both a wikilink and an "edit" link to the main article. The transcludable portion has no header, with the expectation that the "calling" article will provide such context.

Transcludable pages in the MathHelp Wiki namespace are designed to be transcluded only; they can't be used as articles on their own. They should begin with a header, typically a level-2 header, so that the automatically supplied "edit" link edits the correct page.

The "calling" page should have the following to help editors understand this scheme:


*************** Notice to editors: the following article is transcluded into this one ***************
-->{{:Transcluded page name}}

Pages in category "Transcluded"

The following 3 pages are in this category, out of 3 total.

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